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• Water Features & Ponds

• Formal Gardens

• Accent Lighting

• Interior Landscaping

We specialise in all types of artistic features namely waterfall, Fountain, waterbody, gazebo, ETC.

Ferrocement artistic features are our specialty

What is a ferrocement structure?

Ferro-cement projects can be built in any shape or size. All it consists of is a steel frame covered with two or more layers of cement.

The first step in building a ferro-cement piece is to construct a steel frame in the form of the object you wish to build using ½- and 3/8-inch steel rebar. For big pieces, I weld them together. For smaller pieces, the rebar frame can be wired together.

Ferro-cement construction is often made with chicken wire to support the concrete matrix.

The next step is to apply the first coat of concrete. The first coat – called the scratch coat – is a straight blend of 3 parts sand to 1 part Portland cement. The second coat is troweled on or applied by hand, depending on the size of the project. When completed, cover the project with a sheet of plastic and allow it to cure slowly for a week.